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October 2020


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  • Sinners Landing Enters Early Access!

    An adult fantasy adventure from the makers of award-winning Paradise Lust.

    March 21, 2024 Flexible Media today announced that Sinners Landing has gone into Early Access on Steam. The adult-themed romantic adventure-RPG follows their critically acclaimed 2023 debut into adult-games, Paradise Lust. Sinners Landing is planned to remain in Early Access for about a year, with frequent content updates, before launching in 2025.

    Sinners Landing is a 2D hybrid adventure/RPG game, combining the adventure-style gameplay of a story-based lewd romance game with a dungeon crawling card-battle system. Players explore dungeons, slay monsters, get loot, and romance the women of the local town. In doing so, they will experience sexy comic style cartoons and fully animated sexual adventures.

    Game Description

    Tristan Lamprey is a rogue, a cheat, an aspiring artist, and a failed magical apprentice... And he’s on the run from the dread Archmage Xargoth! The Archmage has vowed to hunt him down and punish him for deflowering his beautiful daughter, Princess Sumita. Luckily for Tristan, he has been magically teleported to the hinterlands of the kingdom: the tiny riverside mining village of Sinners Landing. There he's determined to make a new life for himself, ingratiate himself with the locals, and have a really, really good time.


    Sinners Landing is a humorous and sexy 2D Card-Battler/RPG adventure. Playing as Tristan, a rogue magician's apprentice, the player romances the beautiful girls of the village, builds skills and abilities, and uses them to fight through a roguelike-style dungeon using a card-battling mechanic. Each crawl into the dungeon is different, with an ever-expanding world of choices, monsters, and combats.


  • Detailed story and visual-novel style characters
  • Fully animated sex scenes with beautiful women
  • Replayable dungeon adventures.
  • Card-battle combat and deck building system
  • Puzzles and challenging subgames

  • Quotes

    "Sinners Landing is a love-letter to old-school D&D. If you ever wondered what Keep in the Borderlands would be like if it had more sexy girls, deep deck-building combat, and a battle-llama high on weed, this is the game for you." - Droid Droidson, Lead Programmer

    "We're in this to show that adult games can have real characters, real romance, and great gameplay, and still be sexy as hell. We had so much fun making Paradise Lust, and we realized we've barely scratched the surface of what can be done in lewd games. This is us taking everything further. Deeper. Harder." - Chase Brockheart, Lead Writer

    "We're making the porn game that we've always wanted to play. Visually pleasing, witty, romantic, and erotic." - Sven Nuuds, Lead Artist

    "We didn't want to make a porn game that was all sex and no soul. Personally, I just wanted to draw unique, sexy characters, with actual personalities. And I think that comes out in the game. You care about these people. And you get to have hot sex with tem, too!" - Milfshake Enthusiast, Artist

    "We're huge fans of both RPGs and deck building, and we wanted to combine that with something witty, fun, and at times seriously sexy. We think the combination has made something genuinely unique." - Buck Vance, Programmer

    "Sinners Landing has definitely been a labor of love for us. We've got sexy characters, clever dialogue, and immersive storytelling. We're trying to blend the best parts of classic fantasy roleplaying with sexy, hot adult gaming." - Heaven VII, Writer


    Flexible Media started the development of Sinners Landing in 2023. Hints and teasers of the game have been shared to the Paradise Lust community on Discord during early development, and an alpha version of the game was made available to Flexible Media supporters on Patreon and Subscribestar.

    Sinners Landing is currently available in Early Access on Steam. The team will update this build near-monthly with new story, characters, subgames, and content, much as they did with Paradise Lust. The game is scheduled to complete in 2025.

    About Flexible Media

    Flexible Media is a small indie studio making high quality adult games. The company was founded by Droid Droidson, the developer responsible for the award winning adult VN Love of Magic, and Chase Brockheart, a veteran AAA game writer and producer. The team now includes over a dozen professional developers working around the world, predominantly in Southeast Asia. In 2023 they released Paradise Lust, a top selling and award winning adult RPG/Visual Novel.


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